Stupid Hackathon

Stupid shit nobody needs & terrible ideas...


20th-21st Oct. 2017,
Spielraum FabLab, Innsbruck
What's this?

So you want to take part in a hackathon and create the next instagram, crypto currency, iPhone, or a really super cool and "awesome" calendar app? Then go look somewhere else!

This is a stupid hackathon. The  idea  is to remove purpose from invention to reduce creative pressure and ultimately reach nirvana of absolute uselessness. No goal, no ROI, no use - case just stupid shit nobody needs. Contrary to popular belief, this is not an easy task.

From the 20th to the 21st of October 2017 teams will hack, hammer, knit and solder their way to uselessness in the  Spielraum FabLab in Innsbruck  to create the most pointless and stupid whatever within 24h. As with all serious events, there will be an honorable panel of experts to select the 3 most ridiculous projects.

Everybody is welcome.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this event from creating some interesting and useful ideas. There may be even teams that find they love each other and end up producing something sensible in the long run. For this we take no responsibility.

Preliminary Schedule 2017
Friday 20th of Oct. 2017
6pm - 6:30pm:
Introduction by the stupid organizers
6:30pm - 7:30pm:
Pitch your terrible idea(s) and form teams
7:30pm - all night long:
Hack and build away (snacks & drinks and places to nap provided)
Saturday 21st of Oct. 2017
Breakfast Time!
9:30am - 12pm:
More hackingyeah!
12pm - 5pm
Lunch, then even more hacking!
5pm - :
Present your terrible ideas in front of the jury and celebrate!
Inspiration from 2015

The winner of 2015: StopCat!
A handcrafted cat plugin that stops waving cats from waving. Making something useless even more useless. Huge market in Asia!

Magnetic chopsticks
They are basically impossible use without makeing a huge mess. Also tremendous market opportunities in Asia!

Don't cut the semmel!
A drum machine that makes beats by telling you not to cut things that you're' just cutting!

!More inspiration from our stupid friends!

Small Talk
Small Talk is a device that allows users to quickly exit uncomfortable social situations. By Winger-Bearskin and Sam Lavigne.

Hypochondriapp diagnoses you with the worst possible disease for whatever symptoms you may be experiencing. By Emily Xie.



Who can participate?
Anyone. No skills needed!

Where can I register?

How does the application work?
We are planning on 30 participants and the applications are treated as first-come-first-served. We are also keeping a waiting list for people to move up if someone cancels.

Can I participate if I'm not a coder/hacker/maker?
Yes, of course!

Does this stupid shit cost money?
Yes, 15 Eurobucks. We want to provide you with good quality food and drinks. We rely on sponsoring and your participation fee to make it happen. You'll get a link to to pay after you registered.

Any suggestions for projects?
Here are some suggestions:
Producing energy through hate, Artificial Super Stupidity (A.S.S.), gamification of bullying populist parties, recursive virtual reality, internet of stupid things, industry -4.0, teledildonics, making something out of nothing, anything you fancy.

In the  Spielraum FabLab  at in Innsbruck, Austria. It's a truly creative environment with lots of diffent places to sit, solder, saw or screw.

Are the number of participants limited?
Unfortunately, yes. We'll have space for 30 participants.

Can we participate in already fixed teams?
Yes, but it would be nice if you are open to let others who don't have a team take part in your team.

Can I participate without already having a terribly stupid idea?
Yeah, sure. You could either come up with something idiotic at the hackathon, or join another team.

Can we already come with a terribly stupid idea?
Sure, it would be great if you are open to let others take part in your team to make your idea reality.

What materials and machines will be there?
We will provide all sorts of electronic equipment and also some soldering stations. Our friends of the  Spielraum FabLab  will help you to 3d print, laser cut and CNC mill your shit.

I like this, how can I help?
We are looking for sponsors to make it possible for us to provide high-quality food. If you or your company is willing to donate a bit of money, we will put you in the sponsors section of this website and will be grateful forever. Of course, any helping hand is always very welcome. Please  contact  us!

How can I get in touch?
Either via the bird or throw us a mail down the alley.

Sponsors & Supporters
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